Sundered Fates

Session 1

Mirrell walks into her bedroom and finds a note sealed from The Crimson Watch on her bed. It says, “Dantos and Son Shipping warehouse in the market district midnight bring your friends.” Mirrell tells everyone else about the note and the meeting. The party meets at the warehouse at 11:30. They scout the area and wait for the liaison from The Crimson Watch to arrive. The bells toll midnight and a cloaked figure shimmers in the air. The figure appears in the steel mask and shimmery crimson cloak common for members of The Crimson Watch. “There is an item that needs to be retrieved.” The Crimson Watch member tells the group to find the others (descriptions provided) whom they sent before us and retrieve the item. There have been several disappearances near the dock, close to poor houses and soup kitchens. The missing people, men and women, are of various ages and social statuses. There where no witnesses, but there were people near by at the times of the disappearances. The missing people seemed to disappear into thin air. There is a 1000gp each reward to retrieve the item. Finding the people is important, but secondary.

The party begins exploring the docks. They talk to locals and explore the areas where the disappearance took place. They are able to narrow the disappearances down to a small 3 block area. There are no signs of struggle caused by any of the kidnappings, but there is lingering magic at each site. Some of the people talked to mentioned that The Watchful Eye being involved. The party believes The Watchful Eye is a religion of some kind. One of kidnapped people was last seen near the Temple of Jhaena. There has been a sewer opening within 100 yards of each disappearances.

The party enters the sewers and begins looking around. They find faint wet foot prints that are very recent. They follow the footprints carefully. Mia scouts ahead (she can smell fresh water). The group follows the footprints to a dead end. They find a hidden door and go through. They go down a winding flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs there is an iron door leading to a room that turns out to be a Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns (mass grave). Before going through the door conversation is overheard. They overhear: Kahrn should not have been in charge of guard duty and we should have gone to Cressicks Lair. In this first room the party encounters a group of individuals. They kill all but one. The man with the spiked gauntlets runs away like a total pansy.

During the second encounter the group takes Jorge prisoner. Jorge is a guard for Raulph, a kidnapper. Raulph sells people to Nexus. A creepy guy in a black robe and Lars do the kidnappping. A group came through about a week ago killing people. Jorge draws a map with Raulph’s location. The man in the black robes keeps the high profile prisoners. Jorge is enchanted and cannot tell us the man in black’s name. Raulph works for and is afraid of the man in black. The man in black belongs to The Cult of The Watchful Eye. When Adrik asks Jorge what he knows about the cult of the Watchful Eye his head explodes.

After interrogating Jorge the group retreats to heal up and regroup for the night.



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