Sundered Fates

Session 2

After an extended rest Mirrell sends a message to The Crimson Watch about the information the group has acquired. The group returns to the Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns. The first room the party cleared is exactly the same, not even the dead bodies have been moved. In the second room, everything looks the same, but a wooden crate in the corner has been moved. Reddick and Adrik shift the crate further and find a trap door underneath.

The party goes down the ladder under the trap door. The ladder goes down about 50 feet and leads into a hallway. One direction there is a room with loud noises, that according to Jorge’s map is the Mess Hall. At the other end of the corridor there is a room that is unmarked on Jorge’s map. There are runes on the door and it is trapped. Adrik tries to disable the trap, but sets it off. When the party enters the room they see a rune and blood covered alter. The lights dim as a cloud of darkness gathers around the group. A skin kite attaches itself to Adrik’s face.

The room listed on the map as the Guard Room is empty. The group passes through this room into the room marked Throne Room on the map. The room has a large arched ceiling and low light. There is a large iron throne; there is a man on thrown with silver goblet. Next to the throne there is a guy in a creepy black robe with a creepy circle of seven eyes in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet with a color changing sigil in the middle of his chest. The group manages to subdue most of the large party. The big pansy in the creepy black robe hides behind a column throughout the whole fight. At the end of the fight the dwarf and the creepy pansy black robe disappear. The group takes Rolf and his flunky captive. The party finds a scrap of parchment on the floor near the throne that says, “…..once the human girl Kira is secure, head for Thrakladar. We will get the…..and meet you at….utmost importance that you succeed. If you fail you will wish for…. -Victarion” The party returns to the surface and gives the Crimson Watch Rolf, the flunky, and the note. The Lady Kira Shadara is the daughter of Grand Duke Kyren Shadara, Lord of the City of Opal. Thrakladar was recently at war with Ismara.

The Crimson Watch went back to the Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns and cleared out all of the slavers and prisoners.

250 xp From room with Sacrificial Alter Room.
375 xp from throne room
lvl 9 item: Mirrel takes Chaos Burst tattoo
lvl 8 item: Brendis takes armor
lvl 6 item: Mia gets iron arm bands of power
2000 gp: Adrick

We receive 500 GP each. The party decides to put in 168 gp each to purchase Everlasting Provisions



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