Sundered Fates

Session 3

The Crimson Watch requests that we continue to search for Lady Kira Shadara. After negotiations they agree to secure us passage on a merchant vessel headed to Thrakladar. Thrakladar is a cold tundra with mountains and forests. There are two major cities with a scattering of smaller villages. The party purchases furs and other cold weather gear in Thrakish styles. They also purchase Everlasting Provisions. Mirrel decides to go on the journey in the guise of Ellanna. The party docks in Uthrendir six days after their departure.

The Uthrendiri harbor is bustling. There are big jars full of green liquid being loaded onto war boats with double tiers of rowers. There are harpoons with rocks attached on the war ships. The Thrakish kingdom is obviously aware that an invading army is coming. A lot of the people carrying supplies are wearing armor under their clothes, but there does not seem to be enough soldiers to complete an invading army. There are barely enough soldiers to man all the oar ships, not enough to man the ships and board other ships they are attacking. The ships in the harbor are much larger than Thrakish warships of the past. They would be too cumbersome and poorly suited to harrying an invading naval force which was the previous tactic of the Thrakish Navy. There are harpoons with attached rocks would be used to capsize or slow ships. The green jars are a napalm-like substance that would be spread if you doused it with water. These ships and their armament are designed to destroy any incoming navy long before it is able to land. The warships are designed to destroy a ship without close in fighting. The new Thrakish ships and the new armaments adorning them have been in the works since long before the kidnapping of Lady Kira Shadara.

Long standing animosity between Ismara and Thrakladar. There was a war fought between the two nations about 25 years ago. It started over a misunderstanding about some merchant vessels that were thought to be war ships by the Thrakish navy. Grand Duke Kyren Shadara the leader of Opal made a name for himself in the last war. The Thrakish people tend to be marauding. Both nations want the resources of the other. The King of Thrakladar was killed 10 years ago in a plot that was thought to be Ismaran. The current Thrakish king, Dane, is only 12 the kingdom is run by a reagent. The reagent is Dane’s uncle, Halden.

Since the Ismaran ships have already left Opal, there is no way that we can get them a message about the ambush they are headed into. The party does not have enough funds of influence to convince a merchant ship to try to intercept the Ismaran Navy and no Thrakish ship would willingly betray their country. The only way to get them a message would be to take passage on a ship of some kind and successfully mutiny in time to intercept the Ismarans. Even if we were to coerce or mutiny a ship it is likely that Grand Duke Kyren Shadara would continue on to Thrakladar in an attempt to rescue his daughter anyway. With this in mind the party decided to continue on to the city of Thrakladar and try to rescue the Lady Kira Shadara and end the threat of impending war.

The journey to the city of Thrakladar from Uthrendir is about eight days. Three days into the trip the party notices large plumes of smoke in the distance. The party decides to leave the main road and sneak up to the site. Mia manages to get close enough to observe that there is a group of bandits attacking a village. The party kills and drives off the bandits. They then question the villagers…

Uthrendiri port Skill Challenge 100xp
Fight in village with bandits 250xp



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