Sundered Fates

Session 4

Dr Strange Bog (How I learned to Love the Swarm)

The party helps the villagers put out the fires and tend their wounds. They question the villagers about a woman matching Lady Kira Shadara’s description and a man matching the description of the creepy man in the black cloak that disappeared from the fight in the Throne Room of the Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns. The man may be named Victarion. The party also ask them about the Watchful Eye. The villagers saw the cloaked man with a bound dwarf and a bound woman matching Kira’s description. The cloaked man passed through about three days ago. After four more days of traveling we arrive in the city of Thrakladar.

Thrakladar is an un-walled and peaceful town. The houses are mostly single storied with thatched roofs. Brendis talks to a dryad who sensed a great evil who passed by about three days ago and passed into the dwellings of men. The rest of the party explores the town and questions the Thrakish people. They find out that, the black cloaked man and the Lady Kira Shadara were in town. The Lady Kira Shadara is very young with a creamy complexion, platinum blond hair, and hazel eyes. She was wearing a travel worn blue dress. She was wearing large bracelets on both wrists that could be covering rope burns and a black metal collar with runes on it. She appears to be listless. They spent the night in a house. In the house they spent the night in, there is a family sitting around the kitchen table. The family is dead and there are body parts on their plates. Then the next morning they went down the cliff face into the fishing village at the base of the cliff.

The party sets up camp outside the town. In the morning they start down the cliff toward the fishing village. They climb down the cliff face. It takes most of the day. During the time it takes them to climb down the cliff, no one in the party notices any movement in the village. The village appears to be empty and doors are hanging open. There are four bodies laying by the dock. They are writhing and moaning. There are dark shadows hanging around the bodies. The shadows materialize into undead monsters. Mid way through the fight the bodies stand up, the flesh falls off their bodies, and they start to attack the party.

Skill Challenge in the town of Thrakladar 100xp
Skill Challenge to climb down the cliff face 200xp
Fishing Village 270 xp



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