The Kingdom of Thrakladar

The kingdom of Thrakladar is named after the city of the same name. Thrakladar is one of the few cities that survived the Sundering relatively unscathed. The land around it however, did not fare as well. The land surrounding most of the city broke away and fell crashing into the sea, leaving sheer cliffs thousands of feet high behind. Over time, weather has eroded the cliff faces enough that it’s possible to travel down them though it is slow going and sometimes treacherous. A small fishing village now rests on the north end of the cliffs.

The city itself remains mainly untouched by time. The buildings are stone with thatch roofs. The city is large but the buildings are primarily one story tall. The great hall serves as the Chief’s ‘throne room’ as well as a public meeting house where festivals and banquets are held. The city is humble and the citizens are generally content simply living their day to day life.

The capitol of Uthrendir, is another story. Uthrendir was hacked out of the wilderness by pioneers. Before the expansion from Thrakladar proper, the island that it is located on was overrun with all manner of beasts and the so called ‘evil races’ Giants were frequently seen in the mountains as well as the native dwarves. In the lowlands and forests, goblins, orcs and hobgoblins were prevalent enough that they effectively controlled the area. The island was also unfortunate enough to have one of the major entrances to the Underdark appear within the mountains, allowing the drow and duregar to run amok as well.

Settlers were forced to literally fight for their lives. Strength and savagery were prized traits and it led to a people much different than those found to the north. Berserkers were considered the elite fighting force, and in fact were responsible for virtually eradicating the non-human inhabitants of Thrakladar. Uthrendir became the strongest settlement in the area. Having grown restless after their genocidal rampage was over, the warriors of Uthrendir turned their sights on neighboring villages and cities along the coast. Raiding parties were soon seen both at sea and on land, burning and pillaging indiscriminately. After a century of senseless brutality, the villages within several hundred miles of Uthrendir lay in ruins or it’s inhabitants had surrendered to Uthrendir. Realizing the threat that their bloodthirsty cousins to the south, Thrakladar forged a treaty which lead to the founding of the kingdom.

Uthrendir is a fairly primitive city due to it’s ramshackle construction. The buildings are stone and wood with thatched roofs. The streets are paved though very simply and in the spring it is not an uncommon sight to see a cart bogged down in mud in the street. The keep is an enormous stone monstrosity. In some ways it looks like something a child would make out of building blocks. Ramparts line the walls of the keep and turrets can be found at regular intervals. The keep is the primary defense of the city. Though most of the city is located outside of the fortress, in times of attack, the citizens are evacuated to the interior. Given their war-like nature, most of the civilians take up arms against any attacking force. The berserkers are still considered their elite forces and it is not unusual for any battle to begin with several hundred of screaming men charging towards the enemy ranks, heedless of the opposition’s strength.

The kingdom is officially ruled by the boy-king Dane. Dane was born only a few years before his father was assassinated. He was raised by his uncle Halder, who also acts as regent until Dane comes of age and can rule on his own. The assassination of the former king was a mystery but many people speculate that the assassin was sent by Ismara.

The weather in Thrakladar is harsh and unforgiving. Though there are definite seasons, it still remains relatively cool throughout the year. In the winter, blizzards are a common occurrence and in areas close to the mountains, entire villages will be buried by the snow. The forests are primarily coniferous and bear little fruit. Most of the agriculture occurs closer to the southern coastline. Despite the inhospitable terrain, Thrakladar has access to an abundance of natural minerals. Due to their close relationship with the dwarves of Deepholme, The kingdom has a wealth of iron and copper, providing a good portion of the world’s supply. Because the dwarves are reluctant to leave their ancestral home, trade agreements have been set in place to supply the dwarves with provisions and other items they can’t craft or produce on their own. In exchange the dwarves sell their ore to the kingdom at very reasonable prices.

The Kingdom of Thrakladar

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