Sundered Fates

Session 4

Dr Strange Bog (How I learned to Love the Swarm)

The party helps the villagers put out the fires and tend their wounds. They question the villagers about a woman matching Lady Kira Shadara’s description and a man matching the description of the creepy man in the black cloak that disappeared from the fight in the Throne Room of the Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns. The man may be named Victarion. The party also ask them about the Watchful Eye. The villagers saw the cloaked man with a bound dwarf and a bound woman matching Kira’s description. The cloaked man passed through about three days ago. After four more days of traveling we arrive in the city of Thrakladar.

Thrakladar is an un-walled and peaceful town. The houses are mostly single storied with thatched roofs. Brendis talks to a dryad who sensed a great evil who passed by about three days ago and passed into the dwellings of men. The rest of the party explores the town and questions the Thrakish people. They find out that, the black cloaked man and the Lady Kira Shadara were in town. The Lady Kira Shadara is very young with a creamy complexion, platinum blond hair, and hazel eyes. She was wearing a travel worn blue dress. She was wearing large bracelets on both wrists that could be covering rope burns and a black metal collar with runes on it. She appears to be listless. They spent the night in a house. In the house they spent the night in, there is a family sitting around the kitchen table. The family is dead and there are body parts on their plates. Then the next morning they went down the cliff face into the fishing village at the base of the cliff.

The party sets up camp outside the town. In the morning they start down the cliff toward the fishing village. They climb down the cliff face. It takes most of the day. During the time it takes them to climb down the cliff, no one in the party notices any movement in the village. The village appears to be empty and doors are hanging open. There are four bodies laying by the dock. They are writhing and moaning. There are dark shadows hanging around the bodies. The shadows materialize into undead monsters. Mid way through the fight the bodies stand up, the flesh falls off their bodies, and they start to attack the party.

Skill Challenge in the town of Thrakladar 100xp
Skill Challenge to climb down the cliff face 200xp
Fishing Village 270 xp

Session 3

The Crimson Watch requests that we continue to search for Lady Kira Shadara. After negotiations they agree to secure us passage on a merchant vessel headed to Thrakladar. Thrakladar is a cold tundra with mountains and forests. There are two major cities with a scattering of smaller villages. The party purchases furs and other cold weather gear in Thrakish styles. They also purchase Everlasting Provisions. Mirrel decides to go on the journey in the guise of Ellanna. The party docks in Uthrendir six days after their departure.

The Uthrendiri harbor is bustling. There are big jars full of green liquid being loaded onto war boats with double tiers of rowers. There are harpoons with rocks attached on the war ships. The Thrakish kingdom is obviously aware that an invading army is coming. A lot of the people carrying supplies are wearing armor under their clothes, but there does not seem to be enough soldiers to complete an invading army. There are barely enough soldiers to man all the oar ships, not enough to man the ships and board other ships they are attacking. The ships in the harbor are much larger than Thrakish warships of the past. They would be too cumbersome and poorly suited to harrying an invading naval force which was the previous tactic of the Thrakish Navy. There are harpoons with attached rocks would be used to capsize or slow ships. The green jars are a napalm-like substance that would be spread if you doused it with water. These ships and their armament are designed to destroy any incoming navy long before it is able to land. The warships are designed to destroy a ship without close in fighting. The new Thrakish ships and the new armaments adorning them have been in the works since long before the kidnapping of Lady Kira Shadara.

Long standing animosity between Ismara and Thrakladar. There was a war fought between the two nations about 25 years ago. It started over a misunderstanding about some merchant vessels that were thought to be war ships by the Thrakish navy. Grand Duke Kyren Shadara the leader of Opal made a name for himself in the last war. The Thrakish people tend to be marauding. Both nations want the resources of the other. The King of Thrakladar was killed 10 years ago in a plot that was thought to be Ismaran. The current Thrakish king, Dane, is only 12 the kingdom is run by a reagent. The reagent is Dane’s uncle, Halden.

Since the Ismaran ships have already left Opal, there is no way that we can get them a message about the ambush they are headed into. The party does not have enough funds of influence to convince a merchant ship to try to intercept the Ismaran Navy and no Thrakish ship would willingly betray their country. The only way to get them a message would be to take passage on a ship of some kind and successfully mutiny in time to intercept the Ismarans. Even if we were to coerce or mutiny a ship it is likely that Grand Duke Kyren Shadara would continue on to Thrakladar in an attempt to rescue his daughter anyway. With this in mind the party decided to continue on to the city of Thrakladar and try to rescue the Lady Kira Shadara and end the threat of impending war.

The journey to the city of Thrakladar from Uthrendir is about eight days. Three days into the trip the party notices large plumes of smoke in the distance. The party decides to leave the main road and sneak up to the site. Mia manages to get close enough to observe that there is a group of bandits attacking a village. The party kills and drives off the bandits. They then question the villagers…

Uthrendiri port Skill Challenge 100xp
Fight in village with bandits 250xp

Session 2

After an extended rest Mirrell sends a message to The Crimson Watch about the information the group has acquired. The group returns to the Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns. The first room the party cleared is exactly the same, not even the dead bodies have been moved. In the second room, everything looks the same, but a wooden crate in the corner has been moved. Reddick and Adrik shift the crate further and find a trap door underneath.

The party goes down the ladder under the trap door. The ladder goes down about 50 feet and leads into a hallway. One direction there is a room with loud noises, that according to Jorge’s map is the Mess Hall. At the other end of the corridor there is a room that is unmarked on Jorge’s map. There are runes on the door and it is trapped. Adrik tries to disable the trap, but sets it off. When the party enters the room they see a rune and blood covered alter. The lights dim as a cloud of darkness gathers around the group. A skin kite attaches itself to Adrik’s face.

The room listed on the map as the Guard Room is empty. The group passes through this room into the room marked Throne Room on the map. The room has a large arched ceiling and low light. There is a large iron throne; there is a man on thrown with silver goblet. Next to the throne there is a guy in a creepy black robe with a creepy circle of seven eyes in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet with a color changing sigil in the middle of his chest. The group manages to subdue most of the large party. The big pansy in the creepy black robe hides behind a column throughout the whole fight. At the end of the fight the dwarf and the creepy pansy black robe disappear. The group takes Rolf and his flunky captive. The party finds a scrap of parchment on the floor near the throne that says, “…..once the human girl Kira is secure, head for Thrakladar. We will get the…..and meet you at….utmost importance that you succeed. If you fail you will wish for…. -Victarion” The party returns to the surface and gives the Crimson Watch Rolf, the flunky, and the note. The Lady Kira Shadara is the daughter of Grand Duke Kyren Shadara, Lord of the City of Opal. Thrakladar was recently at war with Ismara.

The Crimson Watch went back to the Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns and cleared out all of the slavers and prisoners.

250 xp From room with Sacrificial Alter Room.
375 xp from throne room
lvl 9 item: Mirrel takes Chaos Burst tattoo
lvl 8 item: Brendis takes armor
lvl 6 item: Mia gets iron arm bands of power
2000 gp: Adrick

We receive 500 GP each. The party decides to put in 168 gp each to purchase Everlasting Provisions

Session 1

Mirrell walks into her bedroom and finds a note sealed from The Crimson Watch on her bed. It says, “Dantos and Son Shipping warehouse in the market district midnight bring your friends.” Mirrell tells everyone else about the note and the meeting. The party meets at the warehouse at 11:30. They scout the area and wait for the liaison from The Crimson Watch to arrive. The bells toll midnight and a cloaked figure shimmers in the air. The figure appears in the steel mask and shimmery crimson cloak common for members of The Crimson Watch. “There is an item that needs to be retrieved.” The Crimson Watch member tells the group to find the others (descriptions provided) whom they sent before us and retrieve the item. There have been several disappearances near the dock, close to poor houses and soup kitchens. The missing people, men and women, are of various ages and social statuses. There where no witnesses, but there were people near by at the times of the disappearances. The missing people seemed to disappear into thin air. There is a 1000gp each reward to retrieve the item. Finding the people is important, but secondary.

The party begins exploring the docks. They talk to locals and explore the areas where the disappearance took place. They are able to narrow the disappearances down to a small 3 block area. There are no signs of struggle caused by any of the kidnappings, but there is lingering magic at each site. Some of the people talked to mentioned that The Watchful Eye being involved. The party believes The Watchful Eye is a religion of some kind. One of kidnapped people was last seen near the Temple of Jhaena. There has been a sewer opening within 100 yards of each disappearances.

The party enters the sewers and begins looking around. They find faint wet foot prints that are very recent. They follow the footprints carefully. Mia scouts ahead (she can smell fresh water). The group follows the footprints to a dead end. They find a hidden door and go through. They go down a winding flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs there is an iron door leading to a room that turns out to be a Crypt for the fallen of The War of the Crowns (mass grave). Before going through the door conversation is overheard. They overhear: Kahrn should not have been in charge of guard duty and we should have gone to Cressicks Lair. In this first room the party encounters a group of individuals. They kill all but one. The man with the spiked gauntlets runs away like a total pansy.

During the second encounter the group takes Jorge prisoner. Jorge is a guard for Raulph, a kidnapper. Raulph sells people to Nexus. A creepy guy in a black robe and Lars do the kidnappping. A group came through about a week ago killing people. Jorge draws a map with Raulph’s location. The man in the black robes keeps the high profile prisoners. Jorge is enchanted and cannot tell us the man in black’s name. Raulph works for and is afraid of the man in black. The man in black belongs to The Cult of The Watchful Eye. When Adrik asks Jorge what he knows about the cult of the Watchful Eye his head explodes.

After interrogating Jorge the group retreats to heal up and regroup for the night.

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